Ofsted Report 2017-01-04T12:13:40+00:00

The Priory School was last inspected in November 2014 and judged to be good in all areas.

We are particularly proud of the following statements from the inspection team:

  • Achievement is good because students make excellent progress in English and good progress in a range of other subjects, including mathematics. The gap between the achievement of disadvantaged students and that of their peers is narrowing quickly.

  • The quality of teaching is good. Teachers provide very effective support for students and are held in high esteem by students.

  • Students are polite and courteous towards each other and when working with adults. Whatever their backgrounds, students get on very well together. They have a keen sense of right and wrong.
  • This is a school with a fully inclusive ethos and a very strong sense of community. All students are valued and each is known individually.
  • The school’s work to keep students safe is outstanding. Highly effective care and support ensures that relationships between students are mutually supportive and that bullying is virtually non-existent.
  • The behaviour of students is good. They are polite and courteous towards each other and towards adults in lessons and during social times when students freely congregate in mixed-age and gender groups.
  • Students are proud to be members of their school community and respect the facilities that are provided for them. This is typified by the lack of litter following lunch and break times and the absence of graffiti.

The full report can be seen below or downloaded by clicking HERE