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Priory6 (The Priory School’s sixth form provision) is a fully inclusive sixth form which encourages all students to access Level 3 courses (A level and A level equivalent) and consists of students with a variety of academic backgrounds. We have students of the highest academic ability as well as having the flexibility to inspire others who may not be permitted to study to this level at other institutions. Currently we are a small body of students which allows everyone to be independently supported through our pastoral system. As we grow, this is an area of Priory6 we will ensure we maintain so that all students feel valued and are supported to achieve to the highest levels both academically and socially.

Below is the Priory6 prospectus for September 2019 entry. In it you will find all the information you need about our sixth form provision including details of the courses we offer, our support and enrichment programme, profiles of current students and how to make an application. Hard copies of our prospectus for 2019 entry can be collected from reception and will be available on our open evening on Tuesday 16th October. Our online application system will also open after this event.

Below are links to our online application forms. There is a link for current Priory Year 11 students and another link for external students applying to join Priory6. To ensure you get the best chance of securing your first choice subjects please complete the application form by Friday 30th November. Applications will remain open after this date but subsequent applications will need to fit in to the option blocks that will have been created.

Application form for current Priory students
Application form for external students

If you have any questions regarding Priory6 please email:

At Priory6 we are committed to supporting all students to achieve the highest outcomes and aspirations. We have partnered with Blackstone Tutors to provide access to support for applications to study medicine. Please follow this link to see how Blackstone Tutors can support applications to study medicine.

The Priory is also taking part in the Legal Apprentice. Please click on the banner for more information

Mr Phil Harrison

Head of Priory6