We are hugely proud of our school; our teachers, our learning environments, our community involvement. But most of all we are proud of our students. They consistently demonstrate outstanding rates of progress, both academically and personally, and we are thrilled with all they achieve.


At the heart of our school are a set of values that guide us daily, inspired by our status as a Church of England School. We educate for life in all its fullness, and we do so in the Priory Way; with wisdom, hope, dignity and community collaboration.  These values form part of our commitment to students, and also our expectations of them. We build on this solid foundation with inspiring learning experiences, and with hard work and dedication our students progress and thrive.


The Priory School has exceptional leadership, strong values, inspiring teachers and a true dedication to our students wellbeing. Academically we are rated as a ‘Good’ provider by Ofsted, and we hope to be recognised as an ‘Outstanding’ provider by 2022.


Learn more about our curriculum, approach and results in this section of our website.