Dorking Priory School Alumni Artwork Installations Featured at Dorking Rail Stations

Community Art Project

Art Installations the First in a New Collaboration with Sussex Community Rail Partnership

James and Patrick with with friends and family, Head Teacher, Rachel Gibb, Head of Sixth form Phil Harrison, Art teacher Ros Flanders along with governors from The Priory School.

As part of a new community partnership, Dorking rail stations will be home to a vibrant art installation featuring the work of Dorking Priory School alumni. Two former Priory School students’ artwork was selected for the new community art installations at Dorking West and Dorking Deepdene stations. Patrick Watt-Pringle and James Godfrey are the first to have their A level art portfolio work to be featured in this groundbreaking installation.

James and Patrick having just revelaed their work at Dorking Deepdene.

The Priory School collaborated with the Sussex Community Rail Partnership on the project in an effort to brighten up the two station’s façades and also celebrate the talents within the local community.

Head of Sixth Form at The Priory School, Phil Harrison said, “We were approached by the Sussex Community Rail Partnership last year and they came in to look at our students GCSE and A Level art work. They were particularly impressed with James and Patrick’s work and selected several pieces to be made in to displays.”

The art work is located in the under pass at Dorking West station and by the new herb gardens at Dorking Deepdene station.

One of Patrick’s pieces at Dorking West inspired by his early life in South Africa.

David Daniels of Sussex Community Rail said, “We are very pleased to collaborate with The Priory School on this project. We were stunned by the quality of work produced in the art department and were thrilled that James and Patrick gave permission for their work to be displayed.”

James and Patrick graduated The Priory School in 2018. James is now studying Product Design at Coventry University and Patrick has been offered a university place to study Fashion and Illustration but is considering an opportunity to enter work in television.