Years 10 & 12 Mock Exams – June 2021

Year 10 Mock Exams timetable

Year 12 Mock Exams timetable

Mrs Abbott’s Year 11 Update – 27 April 2021


Application for Special Consideration

Special consideration is a post-examination adjustment to a candidate’s mark or grade. This is to reflect temporary illness, temporary injury or some other event outside of the candidate’s control at the time of the assessment.” JCQ

Please fill in the form below for Year 11 or 13 mock exams, coursework or for May in class assessments.

Application form for Special Consideration

Year 11 Mock Exams timetable – March 2021

Year 13 Mock Exams timetable – March 2021

GCSE and A Levels 2021 – Mrs Abbott’s Update – 15 March 2021


Exam Updates slides

DfE guide: What you need to know about grades in 2021

How GCSEs, AS and A levels will be awarded in summer 2021

Exam Information & Regulations

Exams at The Priory School are regulated by the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications). All students preparing for and taking exams must be aware of the information contained in the following documents:

Information for Candidates – Written Exams

Information for Candidates – On-screen tests

Information for Candidates – Coursework

Information for Candidates – Non-examination Assessments

Information for Candidates – Social Media

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice

Unauthorised Items Poster

Warning to Candidates Poster