Learning from Home

Dear students

We have been really pleased to see how you are working remotely and making good use of SMHW.

1. Teachers set you work for each of your lessons every day.

2. Each day you should do the work set for the lessons you would have on that day. 

3. Take your time to read the instructions your teacher gives you carefully

4. Spend up to an hour on each piece of work – get as far as you can – even if you don’t finish everything.

5. Email your teachers and ask for help if you need it.

We know that everyone works at different speeds so just do your best. Talk with your parents or carers about your work and let them see what you are doing, maybe they can help you too.

Organise each day so it has a structure. This could be following your normal lesson times or you might want to break your day up more. For example you may want to build in time for exercise or taking time to do something at home with your family during the day. Mrs Trimnell has also shared with you so other activities that you may want to do as well – taking care of your mental health and wellbeing is really important too.

If you become ill and can’t do your work try not to worry. When you are well you can begin to work through things and catch up, just like you would have to do normally.

Stick to the guidelines above and let your teacher or tutor know if you need help.

Mrs Abbott

Remote Learning FAQ

How do I log on to SMHW?

Go to https://www.teamsatchel.com/
Click the Log in button at the top right hand side of the page
Do NOT use the blue Log in button
Click on Sign in with Google
Add your school email address
Add your school email address password
Log in

What if I don’t complete all the work that I have been set for a lesson?

Your teachers are setting work that they think may take an hour. Everyone works at their own pace. The most important thing for you to do is to work to the best standard you can for an hour on each subject. If you don’t finish everything, don’t worry.

I can’t get on the computer at home at the right time for each of my lessons. What should I do?

Many students are having to share computers at home. Agree who is using the computer when in your own home, it doesn’t matter when you do each of your lessons, so long as you are doing them on the day they are set.

If you fall behind, you can use some time over the Easter holidays to do some catching up.

I am stuck on a piece of work – how do I get help?

There are several things you can do, just like if you were in an exam or classroom situation. Always work through these;

Re-read the task and underline the key instructions about what you are being asked to do. Try and break these down into smaller steps and see if this helps to work things out.
Ask someone in your house if they can help, just like you would ask a friend in class, this could be a brother, sister or someone else that you live with. Or you could text a friend.
Email your teacher. Your teacher will obviously get back to you but this may not be immediate which is why it is the final way to get help.

I’ve not been very well and I’ve missed some work – what should I do?

Once you are well enough to start doing school work again, start with your lessons for that day. Over time, try and go back and do some of the work you missed when you were off ill.

How do I get onto Google chats?

If one of your teachers is setting up a Google chat they will email you and give you information about the date and time. You just need to be on your computer at that time with the sound turned up. An invitation will appear on your screen and you can then join in the chat room with your teacher and other students.

I’m not doing GCSEs yet can I still use GCSE Pod?

Yes! All students can log on to GCSE Pod using their Gmail details. You may find it helps to develop your subject knowledge and understanding. You may also like to explore some subjects that you don’t do in KS3 such as Business Studies or PE theory.

I’m in Year 11 what should I be doing?

We would advise you to;

Complete any coursework that you can and submit it to your teacher. This can be used as evidence to support your predicted grades.
Continue through completing your GCSE courses if you are either planning to continue them in Year 12 or if you think you may want to sit the GCSE exam after September.
Expand your learning and consider signing up for Gold DofE, practising for your theory driving test.
During the Summer term, we will be sending out work to help you prepare for A levels next year. While this will mainly focus on students coming back to Priory6, everyone should be able to find something that will be useful.

What if I don’t have the correct Art / Textiles equipment?

We have tried to set work that uses basic materials such as colouring pencils. If you do have paints or oil pastels that is even better.  If not, improvise the best that you can. You could collage with recycled materials.

How do I submit my Art / Textiles work?

Please email a photo of your work to your teacher so that they are able to give you feedback and praise for your hard work.

I don’t know my teacher’s email address.

If you type the surname of the teacher you want to contact in the “to” box of your emails, their name will pop up. Where more than one member of staff has the same surname, or similar, please check you are emailing the correct member of staff.

What’s the linguascope password for MFL work?

We can’t give you the password publically – and most students should know it by now – but if you email your MFL teacher directly, they can send it to you.

Can I take a picture of my completed work and send this to my teacher?

Yes, it is important that your teachers see the work you are producing whether this is via Google docs, slides or a screenshot.  Your teachers will then be able to give you feedback.

How do I upload work onto Google Classroom?

If your teacher has attached a worksheet or document for you to fill in, it will be under ‘Your work’: it will appear under your name and you can edit it (see example).

If you need to create your own document, you can click on ‘+Add or create’. ‘Add’ means you can attach a document (e.g. Word, PowerPoint) or even a photo of your completed work. ‘Create’ allows you to create a new file in Google Drive either Docs (similar to Word), Slides (similar to PowerPoint), Sheets (similar to Excel) or Drawings.

Remember to click on ‘Turn in’ to hand your work in, so your teacher knows it is complete.