Our Team

At the Priory School we have a fantastic team in place to educate, support and guide our students. Senior leadership, heads of year, teachers and teaching assistants all work together to help our students progress and thrive, and we do this in The Priory Way; with wisdom, hope, dignity and community.

We are very proud to have a team of teachers who truly believe in our approach. Each and every one brings a wealth of academic experience to our school, and they do so with a solid foundation in the pastoral care. Together, we educate our students for life in all its fullness.

Meet our team below.

Our Governors

Mr Stuart Murray

Our Governing Body is led by Chair of Governors Mr Stuart Murray.

The Priory School is led by a dedicated group of governors that operate two committees; the Learning and Teaching Committee and the Resources Committee. These two sub groups are charged with the curriculum, teaching and learning, and financing respectively. View our List of Dorking Priory Governors.

Heads of Year

Meet our Heads of Year at The Priory School. We are a learning school with a holistic approach, and as such we are focused on both the academic and emotional well-being of our students.

Staff Contact List


As a Church of England school, we are proud to have a chaplaincy team at The Priory School. This team provides spiritual support to everyone in the school, including students, parents, staff and alumni.

We currently have three chaplains; a local curate and two experienced church youth work leaders. They work in partnership with school staff and the local community to contribute to the pastoral care of our students. There is a programme of lunchtime activities, special events and courses, and all students are invited to participate. The unifying focus across these events is to promote emotional and spiritual well-being, placing the student back at the heart of their own education.

Our aim to provide an environment that creates confident, happy young people who believe in the value of their own contributions. And by doing this, we believe we create the right situation for academic growth and development.

We are very proud to be able to support our students in this way.

School Nurse

As part of our care provision we offer access to an associated nursing team through ChatHealth. This is a text-based service that gives students direct access to a nursing professional at any time of day, and is intended to be complementary to our on-site care. They can offer guidance on issues to do with relationships, bullying, sadness, drinking or smoking, and much more.