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Recent quotes from parents


“A massive thank you to all the staff , this must have been one of the most challenging times in your careers.

We were really pleased with how Luke settled in, after moving schools in Year 8….He will be going straight into his apprenticeship as a plumber.”

Mrs Sumner

“Our heartfelt thanks to all at your school. I know that the process for many teachers, was probably one of the hardest tasks they have ever been asked to do…He is so looking forward to the Priory6, He was determined to stay where best for his learning.”

Mrs Thoukydides

“I would like to give sincere thanks for all the time and dedication that all staff members have made to the settlement and development of Paige and Daniel. Priory School has astounded us with the extensive assistance and support given to Paige and Daniel.  It is truly pleasing to see and hear from our children.”

Mr and Mrs Blair

“Hi there,
I am a resident in Longfield Road and I just wanted to let you know that a group of your students helped my son and I this morning when we slipped on ice outside our house. I am very grateful for their help and checking that we were both ok. I didn’t think to ask for names or year groups at the time, but would really appreciate it if you could pass on an extra thank you and I hope your staff are proud of how they reacted.
Best wishes,

To all the teachers….office staff….breakfast/ lunchtime staff & anyone else I have missed!

Thank you all so much for all you have done for Nathan during his 5 years at the Priory…..all the teachers who have  given him the knowledge, confidence and continued support…..even when he may have thought he didn’t need it!!!

For the lovely office staff for always being there as a support……and for always being there to drop off the forgotten P.E kit…….again!!

For the canteen staff for feeding him such fab food over the years….even when he had his own lunch….he still seemed to need something from the canteen too!!!

You have helped shape our boy into a lovely young adult….thank you all.

We wish you all the best during these strange times

Mr and Mrs Petts

I am so grateful and impressed with how the yr 7s and personally how Harry has been helped to settle into school. Thank you so much for this gentle and thoughtful start, you have all been wonderful. Amanda Kelland- Stanley.

Now that the dust has settled (for us and hopefully for you!), I would like to convey our gratitude to you and your team at Priory6.

From day one, Jamie’s experience of the sixth form has been extremely positive and he has felt supported and treated as an individual; this has been of great benefit to him and has allowed him to be himself and fostered his self esteem. His relationships with his teachers have underpinned his success and each of them has been a motivating and guiding influence on him as he heads towards adulthood.

Under the tutelage of Mrs Holder and Ms Choolun for English Literature he has most definitely reconnected with his interest in books and language. Working in smaller mixed groups and listening to others’ viewpoints has given him more perspective on the subject and broadened his outlook generally.

Similarly, Jamie found his history lessons with Ms Bailey and Mr Tattershall engaging, he has been encouraged to discuss ideas and voice opinions (sometimes controversial!) all of which has helped him gain in confidence. He was honoured to be given the chance to be a part of the Holocaust project and his visit to Auschwitz has left an indelible impression on him.

 Jamie did not have much time at school with Mr Zaduban before lockdown but he thoroughly enjoyed his economics lessons with him and continued to have 8am Skype sessions with him long after any requirement to do so; also an indication of Mr Zaduban’s commitment to the cause.

Aside from the academic subjects, Priory6 offered Jamie many other options to grow and develop his resilience, the main one being the D of E Gold which he has now completed. This was a fantastic opportunity and the expedition in particular is something he will never forget. We’d like to express our thanks to Mrs Tanton for all her organisation and extreme hard work in making this happen.

In conclusion, we want to say how fortunate we feel that Jamie was given the chance to join Priory6. He has made some good friends and learned some important life lessons. All of his teachers have offered help and advice wherever needed with excellent guidance for life post Priory6. There is a strong sense of community and respect and it’s been a privilege to have been part of it.

I could go on but I won’t!

Wishing you all the best, thanks again.

Amanda, Mark and Jamie.