Frequently Asked Questions

How is extra support allocated to children?

Support is based on an assessment process. Each student is assessed depending upon their needs and appropriate intervention and support will be put in place accordingly. An example is that a student on the SEN register would be allocated a minimum of 13 hours per week LSA support within lessons.

How will the school let me know if they have concerns about my child’s learning in school?

Your child’s tutor will be your first point of call if you have any concerns. Subject leaders will also contact you if they have any concerns in their area.  The school will communicate between departments and the Pastoral system to ensure that any concerns regarding a child’s learning.  Any students that have a Statement or EHCP will have a named member of the Learning Support Department as a mentor.

Who are the best people to talk to in this school about my child’s Special Educational Needs?

The SENCo is Mrs Jo Trimnell who should be contacted in the first instance by emailing or calling 01306 887337

What are the different types of support available for children with SEN in this school?

Examples of support provided include:-

  •          Mentoring
  •          1:1 tuition in Maths and English
  •          Small group sessions
  •          LSA support
  •          Typing Club
  •          Toe by Toe
  •          Alternative Learning Provisions
  •          Reading buddies
  •          Reduced timetables
  •          Nurture groups (such as SHINE and Dove)
  •         Extra curricular clubs

How can I let the school know if I have concerns about my child’s progress?

In the first instance you should contact your child’s tutor who will then liaise with specific subject leaders.

How are the teachers in school supported to work with children who have SEN and what training do they have?

All teaching staff are regularly updated on the SEN needs of individual students. Staff training occurs weekly and covers topics relating to individual areas of need (dyslexia, behaviour, anxiety etc). LSAs that work with individual students also communicate frequently with the subject teachers.

All students with Special Educational Needs have a Student Passport which is easily accessible to all staff. These passports are also sent home so that you can see the support that we will be providing and the specific needs that your child has.

What support do you have for parents of a child with SEN?

The Learning Support Team will always be available to give advice when needed and they will signpost you to the relevant member of staff.

How will you measure the progress of my child in school?

Every student in school is assessed in all subjects every half term. All data from this is then tracked by the relevant members of staff. Within the Learning Support Department LSAs and HLTAs meet regularly to discuss the progress of students they support. Any concerns can then be addressed via the SENCo.

Who are the other people providing services to the children with SEN within the school?

The school uses the support of many external agencies such as:

  •         Ed Phsych
  •          School Nurse
  •          Physical & Sensory Support
  •          Chaplaincy
  •         Occupational Therapy
  •          EWO
  •          CAMHS
  •         HSLW
  •          Speech and Language
  •          REMA
  •          Outreach Services
  •          Access Arrangements

How will the teaching be adapted for my child with learning needs?

All staff are regularly trained regarding differentiation and how to teach students of all abilities.

Wave One Provision (Quality First Teaching) means what should be on offer for all children: the effective inclusion of all pupils in high-quality everyday personalised teaching.

This type of teaching is based on clear objectives that are shared with the children and returned to at the end of the lesson; new vocabulary is carefully explained; we use lively, interactive teaching styles and make the maximum use of visual and kinaesthetic as well as auditory/verbal learning.

Approaches like these are the best way to reduce, from the start, the number of children who need extra help with their learning or behaviour. All teaching staff are aware of students with Special Educational Needs and they have access to their Student Passports so that they can easily see how best to help them achieve their best.

What is a Learning Support Student Passport?

This document is created together with your child and it details the areas that they may find more challenging as well as areas that they thrive within. The focus of the passport is to work with the child so that they also understand how they can help themselves during the school day.

How will you support my child when they leave the school or move to another year?

The Learning Support Team oversee your child’s learning throughout their time at The Priory School. They will liaise with all relevant members of staff, especially if changes occur and information needs updating. If your child leaves our school for whatever reason the SENCO will liaise with the appropriate member of staff at the new school to ensure that relevant information is shared.