Year 7 catch-up


When we welcome students into year 7, they will have completed their Key Stage 2 education and be moving into Key Stage 3. However, not all students will have achieved a level 4 in reading or maths at Key Stage 2, and this may disadvantage them moving forward in their studies.


The Priory School therefore operates a funded catch-up programme (called a literacy and numeracy catch-up premium) that helps to provide equal opportunities to all. Our approach to this is to create additional learning opportunities that dovetail with their year-appropriate study schedule.


We support the individual learner, and we do it in the following ways:

We introduce timetabled knowledge and skills tests

We run Leading Learner’s evenings [insert link] to prepare for the exam environment, and monitor improvement using progress tests. Detailed feedback is provided every six weeks and after each test. [note: the Leading Learners link in the following section refers for Key Stage 4, and here they’re using the same language for Year 7 and Key Stage 3. Needs clarification]


We offer a 1:1 maths tutor to progress numeracy skills found lacking during the progress tests. This tutor supports individuals who do not make expected progress through group interventions. This year, for example, we have introduced specific handwriting interventions.

We offer a ‘reading buddies’ scheme where students have allocated time to read literature of their choice together.

We offer additional Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) support for English and Maths interventions, and use this opportunity to target specific areas of learning.